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What is this?

This is schlimmchen's personal wiki, presenting noteworthy mechanisms, tricks, tweaks etc. in a convenient way - a wiki. It also serves as a backup storage for some configuration files and example configurations. Not only serves it as a guide to handle advanced computer configuration (be it Linux or Windows), it also explains repeating procedures in my hobbies like car repairs, PCB etching and much more.

Why are you here?

To read public articles I wrote. Since this is a personal wiki, you will not be allowed to change anything here. The purpose of making my wiki (at least partially) public is to share some solutions and procedures that might be worth spreading. Please note that the content on this wiki is copyright protected, see the footer for details.


The primary language is agreed with myself to be English, since in my primary area of expertise, English vocabularies are of much greater importance. Nevertheless, it can be necessary to write in German, since some vocabularies (especially in the car domain) are not known to me in English and hence writing an article in English may result as a pain in the ass, because I would have to lookup complicated words like “Querlenker”.


Note that the content of this wiki solely depends on my effort to put something in here. I'm planning to write and edit article on a daily basis, as I expect to come across information noteworthy day by day, at least while the wiki is still in a early stage.


See the page of contents of public articles.
Public Articles


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